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NOTE: there is rarely any "standard" or "typical" look for a wood so take what's in this table with a grain of salt
the REST of the pictures on this page will give you a better overall feel for this wood

obeche / Triplochiton scleroxylon

3" x 3" flat cut, 3" x 3" quartersawn, 1" x 1" end grain, and a 1/2" x 1/2" end grain closeup.

Diffuse porous with very sparse, randomly distributed, medium sized pores with vasicentric parenchyma. Multitudinous tiny diffuse-in-aggregates parenchyma that will be very hard to see even at 10X, occasional radial pore multiples 2 or 3 long. Ray width varies from wide to medium, rays are obvious at 10X

my samples:
NOTE: these pics were all taken in very bright incandescent lighting ("soft white" at 2700K)
colors will vary under other lighting conditions

both sides of a sample plank of obeche / Triplochiton scleroxylon --- HUGE enlargements are present. This sample was loaned to me by Mark Peet whom I thank for this and other contributions to the site.

end grain and HIGH GRIT END GRAIN CLOSEUP of the piece directly above

plank and end grain --- once again, yellow color correction has defeated me; The face grain shot has the correct color but the end grain shot next to it is too yellowish.

end grain closeup of the piece directly above

END GRAIN UPDATE from directly above

plank and end grain, this time with the color accurately captured

end grain closeup of the piece directly above

side grain and face grain closeups of the piece directly above

both sides of a stick of obeche, cut from another larger piece from somewhere on this page, shown because I needed to get another end grain update for this wood. HUGE enlargements are present.

end grain and end grain closeup of the piece directly above

END GRAIN UPDATE from directly above and an end grain update from a sample cut from some other plank on this page

two planks and the end grain from one of them. These were sold to me as obeche but based on the end grain I'm very doubtful about the identification

closeup of a quartersawn side grain showing ray flakes. They show up better in person than they do in this pic.

end grain closeup and END GRAIN UPDATE of the piece directly above

web pics:

plank listed as abachi / triplochiton scleroxylon and that has wet and dry sections

flat cut planks

quartersawn planks


planks listed as obeche / Triplochiton scleroxylon --- I note that the first and last of these 4 are exactly the same as ones in the group above just labeled as "planks". Clearly a case of one web site lifting from another but using different designations.

plank with unlikely purple color

panks listed as abachi / Triplochiton scleroxylon

plank listed as ayous