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Acer spp.

Acer spp. of the family Aceraceae. This is not a particular species of maple, but rather a FIGURE of maple, generally, I believe, of soft maple but it also occurs in hard maple.

my samples:

stool seat of quilted bigleaf maple, shot in a furniture store. There was a finish on this but it was not one that yellowed the wood. This is a gorgeous piece. HUGE enlargements are present and show the grain extremely well.

both sides of a lightly quilted hard maple plank contributed to the site by Rob Mathison whom I thank for this and other contributions to the site. HUGE enlargements are present

angled shot of the face grain to show the quilting a little more clearly and a side grain closeup of a quartersawn surface on one side showing typical maple small ray flakes

end grain and end grain closeup of the right side of the end

end grain closeup and the corresponding END GRAIN UPDATE of the left side of the end

face and side grain of a quilted soft maple bowl blank donated by Jim Glynn. Thanks, Jim. The quilting shows up just a little better in the wood than it does in these pics. I took a side angle shot hoping to get a better representation of the quilting but it didn't help so I didn't post it. The yellow in the upper right corner of the face shot is an artifact of the lighting --- the color of the wood is uniform throughout. The slight orange area on the lower left of the side grain shot is where I did not fully sand off the sealer Jim put on the wood. The vertical lines on the side grain shot are sanding scratches, not inherent in the wood.

plank pair pic contributed by Todd Levy; thanks Todd. These pieces have been moistened for the pic.


This veneer sheet was loaned to me by John Koehn whom I thank for this and other contributions to the site.

veneer --- I'm not really sure whether this should be called quilted or just curly (OK, VERY curly) but I've put it here and here it stays. Until I move it. Hmm ... looking at this again, I now see that it is DEFINITELY not quilted, so I'll just have to move it. Ok, some day I'll do that.

type chart

I don't know where this originated --- it was sent to me by a correspondent: AHA ! I see from checking my back emails that this was provided by Jim Glynn, who donated the quilted maple at the top of the page, and who has also donated several other woods to the site.

The Wood Book pics

flat cut, quartersawn, end grain
"blister" figured sugar maple (Acer saccharinum) from The Wood Book --- one level of enlargement is available for each of the 3 views. I have not otherwise seen any reference to "blister" figure so take this to be quilted figure, although actually, it DOES look a little different. The Wood Book also lists this as "landscape maple" but I don't know whether that is supposed to be a common name for A. saccarinum or if it refers to the figure, as I have not otherwise encountered that name.

web pics:


planks listed as quilted bigleaf maple

plank of the quilted form sometimes designated as a "sausage" quilt --- actually, this one is not a good representation of a sausage quilt, but it's not so far off as to make the designation bogus.

plank and closeup --- this heavy rolling quilted look is sometimes called "sausage quilt"

turning stock

spalted plank


quarter matched veneer

"flame" quilted maple

curly quilted maple

bookmatched pairs of what appears to be VERY high quality quilted maple. Although not advertised as curly, the first piece in particular appears be almost "fiddleback" instead of quilted.

guitar sets

guitar fronts from quilted maple

guitar back

guitar front --- the body is solid cocobolo and can be seen on my cocobolo page