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Pterygota spp.

Pterygota spp. of the family: Sterculiaceae, the cacao family

my samples:

both sides of a sample plank of quartersawn koto / Pterygota bequaertii --- HUGE enlargements are present. This sample was loaned to me by David Clark whom I thank for this and other contributions to the site.

end grain and HIGH GRIT END GRAIN CLOSEUP of the piece directly above


quartersawn veneer exhibiting substantial ray flakes.

web pics:


plank listed as koto / Pterygota spp.

plank with prominent ray flakes

quartersawn plank

planks listed as koto / Pterygota macrocarpa

plank listed as "lacy" koto --- I have not otherwise seen that designation and I don't see the wood as being "lacy" in any significant way although the pic is so poor it's hard to tell


veneer listed as koto / Pterygota bequaertii

steamed veneer listed as anatolia / Pterygota bequaertii

veneer listed as pterygota / Pterygota macrocarpa ("pterygota" is one of the common names for the species, even though it is a genus and so applies to a LOT of woods

listed as quartersawn veneer although the 2nd one does not look quartersawn to me

listed as koto veneer but I'm not familiar with a ribbon stripe variety, so find this suspect. This looks exactly like several other ribbon stripe woods (such as sapele and/or chen) with the color misrepresented

listed as steamed veneer

listed as unsteamed veneer