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240 woods on a poster (24"x36")


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botanical name unclear

This name is used for woods from at least a dozen different genera, so it's pretty much meaningless and I've just dumped onto this page anything that is identified as greenheart.

In the USA, if you see the name greenheart, there is a good chance that it refers to ipe, but that's certainly not necessarily the case. Ipe has its own page on this site.

my samples:

both sides of a sample plank of greenheart / Ocotea rodioei --- HUGE enlargements are present. This sample was loaned to me by David Clark whom I thank for this and other contributions to the site. The labled side is raw but the 2nd side has been sanded to 240 grit.

end grain and end grain closeup of the piece directly above

END GRAIN UPDATE from directly above

web pics:


both sides of a plank and a closeup. These are from the BogusColorVendor so the colors are unlikely

planks listed as greenheart / Cholorocardium rodiei

plank listed as greenheart / Ocotea rodiaei (a synonym for Cholorocardium rodiei)

plank listed as greenheart / Tecoma chrysantha

flooring --- you would think that the flooring people would have figured out that apparently using nails in this wood causes stains to spread in the wood.


bowls by Bryan Nelson (NelsonWood). Bryan fine-polishes his bowls with 1200 or even higher grit sandpaper while they are spinning at high speed on the lathe and then finishes them there with a friction polish of his own devising, thus achieving a shine and color vibrancy that is beautiful to behold.