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Acacia spp.

Acacia spp. of the family Fabaceae (syn Leguminosae) the legume, pea, or bean family, including at least the following:

Acacia calcicola --- myall gidgee, grey myall
Acacia cambagei --- gidgee, purple gidgee, spearwood
Acacia crombei/crombiei --- pink gidgee, purple gidgee
Acacia georginae --- poison gidgee, georgina gidgee
Acacia loderi --- broken hill gidgee
Acacia pruinocarpa --- gidgee, black gidgee

This is an extremely hard, dense wood that is often used for mallets, knife handles, and other tool handles.

In gidgee, curly and fiddelback wood is called "ringed" for some reason.

The wood is coloured green when cut and changes to brown as it dries. When the brown heartwood is exposed to the light it slowly turns purple.

my samples:

both sides of a sample plank of gidgee / Acacia cambagei --- HUGE enlargements are present. This sample was contributed to the site by David Clark whom I thank for this and other contributions to the site. The first side is sanded only to 100 grit but the 2nd side is sanded to an almost glass-like finish with 400 grit. This is a VERY hard, dense wood

both end grains of the piece directly above

end grain closeup and END GRAIN UPDATE of one end of the piece directly above

web pics:

planks listed as gidgee / Acacia cambagei

plank listed as purple gidgee / Acacia crombei


curly ("ringed") gidgee planks

curly ("ringed") gidgee turning stock all from the same vendor

curly ("ringed") gidgee turning stock

curly ("ringed") gidgee scales

plain gidgee pen blanks

knife handles of curly ("ringed") gidgee

planes made with plain gidgee

plane made with curly ("ringed") gidgee

mallet head

sculptured bowls