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Eucalyptus spp.

Generally, Eucalyptus acmenoides, Eucalyptus melliodora, Eucalyptus moluccana, or Eucalyptus rummeryi, all of the family Myrtaceae

I have only found images of this Australian wood as a burl but because it is rarely available in the USA I have not made much of a search, so would not be at all surprized if it is available in lumber form in Australia. Although I list the name form with no space, it is more commonly shown as "yellow box".

my samples:
NOTE: these pics were all taken in very bright incandescent lighting ("soft white" at 2700K)
colors will vary under other lighting conditions

both sides of a sample plank of yellowbox / Eucalyptus melliodora --- HUGE enlargements are present. This sample was loaned to me by Mark Peet whom I thank for this and other contributions to the site.

end grain and end grain closeup of the piece directly above

END GRAIN UPDATE from directly above

web pics:


knife scale burl pairs from the same vendor


scales listed as yellowbox burl, but I see no sign of burl --- looks like crotch wood to me.

burl turning sticks

burl pen blanks

burl pen turning blanks that have been oiled and waxed

bottle stopper blanks

burl bowls

burl vase