Joinery grooves have more names than you can shake a stick at. Basically, all joinery grooves are dados of one kind or another, and if they are cut with the grain they are also called "ploughs" and if they are on the end or the edge, they are also called rabbets. Here are 12 fundamental types of joinery grooves with a table, below the diagram, listing all of the names of the various grooves.

direction type # names
with the grain,
along the edge
blind 1 blind dado, blind plough, blind edge rabbet
half blind 2 half blind dado, half blind plough, half blind edge rabbet
through 3 through dado, through plough, through edge rabbet
with the grain,
in the middle
blind 4 blind dado, blind plough
half blind 5 half blind dado, half blind plough
through 6 through dado, through plough
across the grain,
in the middle
blind 7 blind dado
half blind 8 half blind dado
through 9 through dado
across the grain,
along the end
blind 10 blind dado, blind end rabbet
half blind 11 half blind dado, half blind end rabbet
through 12 through dado, through end rabbet