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Oxystigma oxyphyllum
(syn. Pterygopodium oxyphllum)

Oxystigma oxyphyllum of the family Fabaceae

There are at least 4 species, all from Africa, that have tchitola as all or part of one or more of their common names and I have no idea which of them are represented on this page. Oxystigma oxyphyllum (syn. Pterygopodium oxyphllum is the most common of these and so I have list it as the species name for tchitola. The others are Daniellia ogea, Daniellia thurifera, and Sindora klaineana

my samples:
NOTE: these pics were all taken in very bright incandescent lighting ("soft white" at 2700K)
colors will vary under other lighting conditions

None yet

web pics:

planks listed as tchitola / Oxystigma oxphyllum



veneer, all from the same vendor --- none of these were marked as figured although clearly many of them are

veneer sheet closeups with both levels of enlargement available --- these are from the same vendor as the set directly above