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Planchonella pachycarpa (???)

Planchonella pachycarpa (???) of the family Sapotaceae.

NOTE:That name does not exist in The Plant list, so I am dubious about it.

One source says that Chrysophyllum lucentifolium is an accepted name and Planchonella pachycarpa, Pouteria pachycarpa, and Syzygiopsis pachycarpa are all synonyms

The Plant List says that Chrysophyllum lucentifolium is an accepted name but does not list ANY of those other names (as synonyms or otherwise)

Also called abiurana, this is a pale yellow wood from the Amazon region, used for furniture and heavy construction. Fine texture and straight (sometimes interlocked) grain, reportedly very heavy.

my samples:
NOTE: these pics were all taken in very bright incandescent lighting ("soft white" at 2700K)
colors will vary under other lighting conditions


veneer sheet and closeup

web pics:


veneer listed as goiabao / Pauteria pachycarpa
NOTE: this botanical name does not exist in The Plant list (Pouteria, not Pauteria, is a know genus, but even Pouteria pachycarpa does not exist)


veneer with dubious colors

veneer from a vendor who makes many woods look green regardless of what color they actually are

veneer, all from the same vendor

veneer closeups that have both level of enlargement and the grain shows up nicely on the largest enlargement. This veneer was not marked as "fiddleback" or curly or anything, but most of it clearly is.

fiddleback veneer --- the green colored pieces are from a vendor who makes lots of species look green whether they are or not

fiddleback veneer --- the purple color is just silly