verawood exposure series


after one week and then after two weeks exposed to direct sunlight (behind window glass) for part of each day. The side on the left has turned a deeper, richer green (the side on the right was covered up). This is not what I expected. I expected it to turn brown. I note that the covered side has also turned somewhat more green so clearly the effect is not just UV but also oxygen. Another surprise is that the color change hardly budged after the second week, as you can see below.

after one month and then after 2 months --- still just deepening green, no brown, with the covered sided now even more green than after just a week or two.

after 4 months --- still just deepening green, no brown, and no real change since the 2nd week. This continues to be a surprise (that there is no brown).
after 8 months --- it DOES finally begin to show the change to brown in the exposed area.