the finish is several coats of polyurethane and the holes for the dried flowers have not yet been drilled

AAAIIIIIEEEEEE !!! A swastika. A SWASTIKA ??!!?? I know it's just about impossible to believe, but when I was gluing this up, I didn't realize I was doing a swastika, I just though I was making an interesting design out of bloodwood and osage orange. The reddish brown wedges on the left and right are goncalo alves.

the base from these angles is walnut and hard maple veneer

the front of the base on this side is red aromatic cedar backed by makore. The center of the wedge is macassar ebony and directly above that is African mahogany. The black veneer (horizontal) is macassar ebony and the red veneer (45-degree angles) is padauk. The red-brown wedges on each side are goncalo alves.

NOTE: this bowl has been finished and is now available on my bowl-sale site:

Information on this specific bowl can be seen at: b136