the finish is several coats of polyurethane

the yellow wood is movingui and the white is hard maple. In the left pic, The red woods are bubinga (top and bottom) and goncalo alves (left and right)

base is red oak and just above it is some goncalo alves. The light yellow wood is pine. Note how the hard maple is white when viewed face on, but is yellowish when viewed from the side as in the rop right pic. Hard maple pics always seem to exhibit this characteristic, although the actual wood does not show such a pronounced difference in color depending on the angle.

I think this is possibly the ugliest bowl I've ever made, but that's the thing about trying out some of these exotic woods --- you can't be completely sure how they'll turn out and I expected more of the movingui. And I don't even want to talk about my choice of design for this bowl. Ugh ! Well, it seemed like a good idea as I was glueing it up.