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species names

The list of species that use apitong as all or part of one or more of their common names is almost a subset of those that use keruing. There are two species that only use apitong, over a dozen that use both, and over 3 dozen that use only keruing.

the following species use only the name apitong
Dipterocarpus orbicularis
Dipterocarpus speciosus

the following species use BOTH the common name keruing and the common name apitong
Dipterocarpus alatus
Dipterocarpus basilanicus
Dipterocarpus borneensis
Dipterocarpus caudatus
Dipterocarpus caudiferus
Dipterocarpus elongatus
Dipterocarpus eurynchus
Dipterocarpus gracilis
Dipterocarpus grandiflorus
Dipterocarpus hasseltii
Dipterocarpus kunstleri
Dipterocarpus tonkinensis
Dipterocarpus warburgii

the following species use only the common name keruing
Dipterocarpus acutangulus
Dipterocarpus alembanicus
Dipterocarpus applanatus
Dipterocarpus baudii
Dipterocarpus cauciferus
Dipterocarpus chartaceus
Dipterocarpus cinereus
Dipterocarpus concavus
Dipterocarpus confertus
Dipterocarpus conformis
Dipterocarpus coriaceus
Dipterocarpus cornutus
Dipterocarpus costulatus
Dipterocarpus crinitus
Dipterocarpus cuspidatus
Dipterocarpus dyeri
Dipterocarpus elatus
Dipterocarpus fagineus
Dipterocarpus geniculatus
Dipterocarpus globosus
Dipterocarpus hispidus
Dipterocarpus humeratus
Dipterocarpus kerrii
Dipterocarpus lamellatus
Dipterocarpus littoralis
Dipterocarpus lowii
Dipterocarpus mundus
Dipterocarpus nudus
Dipterocarpus obtusifolius
Dipterocarpus ochraceus
Dipterocarpus pachyphylla
Dipterocarpus pachyphyllus
Dipterocarpus palembanicus
Dipterocarpus retusus
Dipterocarpus rigida
Dipterocarpus rigidus
Dipterocarpus rotundifolius
Dipterocarpus sarawakensis
Dipterocarpus semivestitus
Dipterocarpus stelatus
Dipterocarpus tuberculatus
Dipterocarpus verrucosus