softwood page


NOTE: unless otherwise specifically stated, all of the images shown on this
page are of 1/4" square end grain cross sections shown at 12X with the top
of the image towards the bark and the bottom towards the pith so that
earlywood is towards the bottom of the growth rings and latewood is towards the top

general characteristics of Douglas-fir

All of these are Pseudotsuga menziesii except the first two, which are labeled separately.
The rest are grouped, arbitrarily and where possible, by more or less similar characteristics
of earlywood/latewood "look".

Pseudotsuga macrocarpa; on these two samples at least, the color contrast between earlywood and latewood is less than that normally found on the Pseudotsuga menziesii samples seen below.




that middle sample has amazingly tiny earlywood and the rest latewood

old growth with obviously tight growth rings