diffuse porous page


NOTE: unless otherwise specifically stated, all of the images shown on this
page are of 1/4" square end grain cross sections shown at 12X with the top
of the image towards the bark and the bottom towards the pith so that
earlywood is towards the bottom of the growth rings and latewood is towards the top

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This page includes all of the genus Eucalyptus species for which I have end grain. A few of these grow domestically (although I'm not aware of any of them being native to North America) and a few are as readily designated semi diffuse porous as just diffuse porous but I have kept all the Eucalypts on this page in any case.

General characteristics of Eucalypts end grain

NOTE: this page started out more or less ordered alphabetically
by species name but even that has not been kept up
I'll get it better organized someday.
Probably. Maybe.
Or not.







These two pics are of the same sample and taken about 1" apart. The first one is typical of the piece. The second one shows an area of unusually sparse pores and is not at all typical of the species, but since it did occur I have included it.






Florida eucalyptus --- more like semi diffuse porous than diffuse porous but I've kept them here with the other Eucalypts




all three of these are from areas on the end grain of the same 3" wide piece