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The prices listed here are from various lumber companies that advertise and post their price lists on the internet. It is not in any way complete, it's just what I happened to compile during the summer of 2008. I present it here just to give you some idea of the general cost range of some of the most readily available domestic and exotic woods. I have not necessarily captured every single wood sold by each of the vendors.

All vendors say the prices listed are subject to change at any time and I do not intend to keep this list up to date, so consider this a general reference only, not an exact list of what you might expect to pay.

I'm not in the business of advertising any of these vendors, so please do not ask me to identify them.

The yellow boxes just indicate that a vendor doesn't list that particular wood and the tan boxes give the rough price (I sometimes round off a little) a vendor charges. All prices are for 3/4" thick lumber by the board foot unless otherwise indicated. Thus, for the BF price indicated you would nominally get one plank that is 3/4" thick by 12" long by about 11.5" wide.

"Thin" generally means 1/2" thick but may mean 1/4" thick.

As you can tell if you pour over the list, the cost ranges are inexact and some vendors have relatively low prices for some woods and relatively high prices for others. I've averaged out the prices for some of the more common woods to come up with the range designations.