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Special discount just for the $9.99 lots on eBay.
Whether you get it via auction or directly from the eBay store, lots with a "buy it now" price or a starting
bid of $9.99, and ONLY those lots (and such lots, if they are bidding above $9.99 can be identified because
the descriptions will contains a statement that "at $10, that prorates out to xx cents / sqft) can be combined at
3 for $25. for auction final prices over $9.99 (on lots that start at $9.99), I will reduce the price by $2.00

discounts for veneer on eBay store and for eBay veneer auctions
(click here for eBay store)

This includes all veneer lots in both my eBay auctions and on my eBay store, but NOT the veneer on the
Jewelry Box Veneer site (see below) and it does NOT include the veneer ID kit, which is never discounted.

NOTE: $9.99 will count as $10 when adding up for discounts.
That is, 10 lots of $9.99 each will count as $100 for figuring discount)

Other discounts cannot be combined with this offer.
For example, I sometimes offer 3 of the $9.99 lots for $25; that cannot be combined with this offer.

over $100, 20% off and I pay the first $10 of the shipping costs
over $250 , 25% off and I pay the first $20 of the shipping costs

Jewelry Box Veneer discounts (click here --> JBV for site)
I am not currently offering any discounts on the JBV site sales
(But I will do combined shipping if you buy from there and eBay)

BOWLS: Bowl discount is, buy 3 or more, get 10% off the bowl price and of course
I"ll combine shipping if possible. No reduction in the $5/bowl packing charge

I will combine eBay and JBV sales for shipping, but not for discounts.

Handling charges are not discounted in either case and shipping is actual cost
by Priority Mail (I will consider using Parcel Post for heavy packages and/or
packages shipped to the West coast). I do not use UPS or FEDEX).

I will use Flat Rate Priority boxes if physically possible and cost effective.

I do NOT ship outside the USA
Canada is a partial exception --- see discussion in TERMS

Payment can be by PayPal, personal check, or Postal Money order.
Please, no money orders other than USPS.

If you have any questions, you can email me at: