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Terms and conditions

Currently availble discounts, if any, are shown here: DISCOUNTS

CURRENT SHIPPING AVAILABILITY: I can pick stock and pack it and ship it at any time of the week.

Shipping --- I ONLY ship by USPS and for anything other than bowls, ONLY in the USA. I generally only ship by Priority Mail (including Flat Rate boxes if it will save you money). I do not use Fed Ex or UPS. If you would like to calculate the shipping to your zip code, just go to the USPS site at USPS and enter my zip code of 13045, your zip code, and "package" with weight shown for the lot you are bidding on (use zero ounces --- they round up to the next pound, so I always list my lots that way --- and you don't need to specify any size, just "package". On eBay, some lots will have an automatic shipping cost calculator (eBay knows where we both live and I have specified USPS Priority Mail).

I used to think that the above was a totally clear statement, but experience has shown me that it is not, so to elaborate briefly:

I do not ship to England, Mexico, Australia, or any other non-USA location. I do not ship by FedEx, UPS, DHL, mule train, or the trunk of your mother-in-law's car. I'm really sorry about the mother-in-law thing, but I just don't do it.

When shipping heavy boxes to the West coast, I will consider using USPS Parcel Post but unless I notice that it will save several dollars, I generally quote shipping with Priority Mail prices.

Shipping to Canada I do not normally ship anything other than bowls to Canada but I will consider an exception ONLY for veneer orders over $100 AND there will be an additional $10 charge for filling out the customs form. I will not ship small orders to Canada.

Combined Shipping: I will always combine shipping as much as possible to save you money, and that includes using USPS "Flat Rate" boxes when possible (if it saves money).

BOWLS ONLY: For bowls I will ship anywhere in the world, and there is a $5-per-bowl fee in addition to shipping, handling, and insurance. There is no reduction in the $5-per-bowl fee when you buy more than one bowl and I am able to combine shipping into one box to save on shipping costs. Bowl page is here: BOWLS.

Combined packing: Packing charges for veneer are for wrapping/packing up the individual lots, not just for putting them in the shipping box, so there is generally no reduction in those charges if you buy multiple lots and get combined shipping, BUT ... For the less expensive lots (the ones under $9.99), I will reduce the packing charge to $1 instead of $2 for each lot beyond the first 3 and I will drop it entirely for each lot beyond the first 5. I say again, that is ONLY for the less than $9.99 lots.

Payment: you may pay by PayPal (my preference) or money order or personal check. I cannot process credit cards. My PayPal address is:


Thickness --- Unless specifically stated otherwise, all my veneer is the nominal "standard" thickness of 1/42nd of an inch (the kind you can cut with scissors). Within any one flitch, thickness will not vary, but between veneer types I find that manufacturers allow quite a range of thickness, so the "standard" really could be anything from about 1/25th inch to 1/50th inch. I sometimes call 1/25th inch thickness "thicker than normal", but sometimes I may not mention that. I will not list anything 1/16th in thick or thicker without sepcifically noting the thickness.

Soundness --- it is always my intention to deliver sound veneer, but there may be ocassional handling splits and/or end splits. I always comment on any that I notice as I put the lots together.

Consecutive Sheets --- unless otherwise stated, you should assume that sheets are NOT consecutive. Sometimes, if it's obvious from the pictures(s) that a lot is made up of consecutive sheets, I may forget to specifically state it.

Burl sheet flatness --- unless specifically stated, you should assume that burl sheets are NOT flat and may well need moistening and flattening either prior to use or as they are clamped down in use.

Good luck bidding, and thank you for your business

The Hobbit